Custom Domain Verification NOT WORKING - ETA ON FIX?

Hello, I sent a ticket to support a week and 1/2 ago and I’m posting to find out when the issue for domain verification will be resolved…this is essential for our use case and I see a similar request was made for an ETA on the fix a couple of weeks ago. Please advise on when this will be resolved as having a verified SSL custom domain was the main reason I purchased Heybase for 2 businesses. The green tab indicating successful verification pops up and this is the 2nd week domain verification is marked as “pending”. An ETA on resolution would be helpful for this urgent matter!


We’re having the same issue. We inquired on May 3rd, and we still have yet to hear from anyone. We’ve followed up 5 times. We have gotten zero response.

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This is super disappointing…one of the fundamental elements that most users need is the custom domain. I don’t understand the lack of communication on this critical matter. Online tickets go into a black hole and you are referred to the community board…I see a ticket on this community board with the SAME ISSUE nearly 3 weeks ago with no follow up response. Even if there is not a fix in place, honest, TIMELY communication about what the issue is AND a realistic ETA on a fix is the very least that should happen for paying customers. How are we to entrust this platform for landing high-ticket clients and can’t get a basic response to a critical matter that has been languishing for WEEKS?!

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Exactly, support and communication is really poor here (and problem still exists), much better options out there. But oh suprise, the team keeps spamming my inbox with unsolicited sales pitches of their other money grabs/projects… ridiculous

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@Moises_Mata @JC808 @nbwbsr We’re in the process of transitioning to a new service provider to enhance our custom domain setup. This migration might require another week or so. We appreciate your patience and are excited to relaunch the custom domain feature in couple of weeks.