AI Chatbot is here πŸ€–

Hey Community :wave:

We are excited to announce the launch of our new AI Chatbot!:rocket: This powerful feature is designed to engage with your prospects, answer their queries, and guide them seamlessly through their buying journey.

With our AI Chatbot, you can create a dynamic interaction space where potential buyers can ask questions and receive prompt, intelligent responses. The best part? The Chatbot learns from the training data you provide, so responses are tailored to your specific business context.

We’ve made it easy for you to train the Chatbot - simply upload your training data in PDF or txt format, and the Chatbot will do the rest.

:bulb: Upload your file for context data and test it in preview mode to see its performance! We’re excited for you to try it and provide feedback and inputs.

Learn more, here :point_right:t2: AI Chatbot | Heybase Help Center


Can I shut it off? Can I only enable it for specific rooms? Can I have multiple bots for various product lines I do not want to mix?

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Hi @jrembach, Yes we are adding a disable button in room settings so you can configure it per room basis.

Will there also be multiple bots that can be used? Or must it be a global bot?

@jrembach bots :robot: are room specific they can have specific training data uploaded from the room settings.

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The AI chatbot is not providing answers related to the content of my space.

@comedymax @jrembach we released a new update yesterday with an improved chatbot

:white_check_mark: training data issues
:white_check_mark: context issue