Custom domain set up not working


Why is this Domain setup still marked as verification pending, I configured this more than 4 days ago
Please help me resolve this and verify SSL is present, need the custom domain safe to use


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Hi @Moises_Mata, We are experiencing some issues in verifying from our provider trying to fix it ASAP!

Hi so, any news? any idea of ETA for this to be solved?

Hi @Moises_Mata we are switching out provider and expect this to be resolved in 2 days.

Still not solved, what happened?

We’re having the same issue. We inquired on May 3rd, and we still have yet to hear from anyone. We’ve followed up 5 times. We have gotten zero response.

Hello, did the team ever resolve the domain verification issue for you?..I’m having the same issue and no response to my ticket on the “pending verification” for nearly 2 weeks and I see you posted this 3 weeks ago. This is a process that should take 24 -72 hours (at most) I would be grateful to find out if you ever got this resolved with the HeyBase team. Thanks

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