Dynamic Variables not working - (video inside)

Created a template with variables according to your article (Create New Template | Heybase Help Center)

But, nothing happens when i create a new room based on that template. I guess there should be some kind of “popup” to quickly enter the variable values!?

Made a quick loom: Heybase - 8 May 2024 | Loom

Hi @sm9900, We have discontinued dynamic variables as that feature had too many bugs we will be re-considering this feature in the coming update. Apologies we haven’t updated documentation regarding it.

Oh no, this was my main reason to buy. In order to be a sales tool for all cold outreach people, using dynamic variables is crucial. Being able to quickly create multiple sales rooms is a game changer. Can I do anything to bring that live? Happy to help testing it. I would even pay an offshore engineer a few bucks to help you. I need it so badly :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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Hi Stephan, Appreciate your enthusiasm in helping us! We too want to bring this feature back but want to get it right this time. We are working on a more integrated feature to support cold outreach use-case.

I will post an update in the coming weeks about this!

That would be phenomenal. Cold email outreach is so hot and your tool (personalized sales rooms) would be perfect for it.

Integrated is good and definitely needed. At the same time, I think the manual quick entries are also important.

My specific use case for that: I have a VA that screens new leads daily. Since it’s only about 5-10 outreaches, it might be quicker to do it manually with the entry fields.

On the other hand, I also have outreach campaigns with Smartlead to about 200-300 people each time. That would be phenomenal to be able to import a csv to populate the dynamic variables and instantly create 200 sales rooms.

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@Stephan Agree with you :100:

Quick question how would you feel about personalizing a salesroom via UTM params? That way you can send 100’s of personalized links without having 100s of different sales rooms.

That way we can have a much cleaner and scalable setup.

I agree with @Stephan on the urgency of this one. What is sales without personalization? With respect to the UTM params, it’s a novel idea, but it would be impossible to get it right and allow for any interactivity. I’d be much more in favor of creating the salesroom on a valid click of the link (so that it passes all of the annoying link pre-checkers in emails these days.)

And, while it seemingly goes without saying, it would be imperative that the dynamic variables can be inclusive of all sorts of things like IDs from a CRM.

Any idea on ETA?

Unfortunately I think it’s not a good idea for the Heybase use case. Because Heybase differentiates itself that it’s a “sales room”, not just a simple personalized landing page. For the easy-peasy landing page personalization (name, company, …), there are already numerous players out there.

So for Heybase sales rooms, i would like to make more personalizations in templates. In my use case, i would put info regarding job offers and requirements in there. These would be super weird to have as a UTM.

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@Kyle_David @sm9900 Thanks for your inputs we are still brainstorming on this feature and will share a demo or blueprint in the coming days. Please keep ideas coming!