Getting "ROOM NOT AVAILABLE" when using link created via API

I’ve just set up an automation to add members to rooms based on a form being successfully submitted (outside of Heybase)

The API call worked flawlessly and I got a detailed response:

“roomName”: “LinkDeal***”,
“roomId”: “665afa888****”,
“firstName”: “D***”,
“lastName”: “G***”,
“email”: “d***”,
“type”: “guest”,
“magicLink”: “***”

However, when sending this email afterwards with the link, it doesn’t work. Here’s the error:

Room not available: This room doesn’t exist or has been removed. Please contact the person who sent you the link to the room.

This happens with any guest I assign to any room using the API. The user is definitely assigned to the room too.

Anyone seeing this also happen? Reported it to, yet to be investigated.

Hello @linkdeal did you ever get a resolution to this API issue?..A number of us have reached out to the development team for weeks regarding the custom domain feature being inoperable and have been completely ignored (despite the CEO being active on this board within the last 24 hours)…please advise as I want to ensure that this is a systemic issue.

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Hi @JC808 , no reply despite sending multiple emails to the support team and Karan directly. Worrying and I cannot use Heybase without this feature.

@karan , can you please respond about this issue?


Hi @JC808 @linkdeal, I can totally understand the frustration about this here’s what we are doing to fix it.

  1. New bulk APIs are being developed
  2. New and improved custom domain implementation is coming up

Request you to hold on until next week. Thanks for your patience!

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Thanks for the reply, @shubham - will wait till next week for an update.

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Hi @shubham , please can you provide an update on this? CC: @JC808

Hi @linkdeal, We are almost done just preparing for the release, will announce soon this week.