New Layout Options Coming Soon!

Hey, Champions!

We’re excited to share that we’re working on new layout options that will give you more flexibility in designing your community. We’ve shortlisted 3 potential layout options and we’d love to get your feedback:

  1. Single Page Layout: A streamlined, single-page design that puts all your content on one scrollable page.

  2. Multi Page Layout: A traditional multi-page format, allowing you to organize your content across separate pages.

  3. Slides Layout: A slideshow-style layout, perfect for visual-heavy content or presentations.

In addition to these layout options, we’re also exploring some customizable features:

  1. Enable/Disable Cover Image: The ability to include or remove a cover image at the top of your page.
  2. Logo Placement: More control over where your logo is displayed on the page.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts! What do you like about these options? What else could we add or improve to make the layout customization even better?

Share your feedback in the comments below. Your input will help us deliver the layout tools you need to create an amazing community experience.

Can’t wait to hear from you!
Shubham Rajelli, Co-founder Heybase


Could be a combination of 1 & 2.

So, having an option to use the sidebar to scroll to certain sections but still have everything on one page.


Yes I like that option, we will post demo soon for this

I will second that as well

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Layouts 1 and 2. I think heybase is mainly used for business purposes and, thus, vertical swiping (mobile view) is not that important.

Header image yes!

But I would be more happy if there was a true bulk creation option like all other cold outreach platforms are offering (eg webhook or csv creation of new rooms with variables). This would bea true benefit.

@Stephan yes we have planned for a bulk creation option and direct CRM integrations. We will share a demo in the coming weeks!

Layout options - I agree with CG_Samuel.

Custom features - Both are nice addons, in my case i will leave it how they are as they look nice.

Feature request - Would be great if we can turn on/off the chatbot / message option individually. Ex. be able to turn chatbot off, and leave the message box on.


@Chris_360Marketing agreed :100:

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Would this also make it possible to have a main page and link to specific pages (all in the same room of course)?

for instance, have a page in the menu called “our products”
And on that page have links to 6 different pages

Hey there @roborian ! Sure, you can definitely add links to the main page. That functionality is already available.

Oh great, how do I do that?
I could not find it in the “/” menu

Launched :white_check_mark: :rocket:

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It would be great to be able to make a content grid without the images! Just 3 columns and being able to format the text within these columns as we are with the normal text editor.

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