[Solved ✅] Unable to upload chatbot training files

Hey Heybase team,

Looking for bit of help please. Been over 45 minutes and the files I uploaded are just loading. Files i tried are txt, pdf, doc, and none are taking.

How long does it take or is it just not working?

Also if i training one sales room, can i create a template with that training file already included or do i need to reupload the training file on each individual room?

@Chris_360Marketing we are fixing the issue I’ll post here once fixed. We don’t have a way to template the training data but it’s a novel idea we will ship it with the next update.

Great, thanks for the reply.

Meantime is there a way to turn the chatbot / message feature off?

Hey Shubham,

Hope your doing well!

Strange thing, I’m not able to delete files either right now.

Any chance you have an update on this?

Hi @Chris_360Marketing sorry for the issue, we had a lot of traffic, and servers are constantly crashing we are upgrading to new servers to fix it. Migration has been going on for the past 2 days and will be done tomorrow.

No problem, I appreciate you letting me know.

Look forward to the update tomorrow!

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Do we have an ETA on when this should be fixed?

This issue has been fixed :white_check_mark: You can now upload the Chatbot training data files from General Settings ( Gear icon :gear: in the editor)

@Chris_360Marketing :white_check_mark: we released new version yesterday you should be able to delete the files now.

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Hey @shubham , thank you for the update!

Yes, i was able to delete the files.

Yes, I was able to upload the file properly under 5 minutes.

Issues / questions

  1. Turning on/off Chat give me the error “Failed to update room” in red on the bottom right corner. Does this feature work or just displayed on the rooms?

  2. Is that chat on/off for the normal chat or chatbot? Is there an ETA on when the option to turn off the Chatbot will be available?

  3. After uploading the training file (its been an hr), it does not seem to have done anything to the bot?

PS. Love the new themes and updates you guys did.

@shubham Hope alls well with you and your team!

Any update on this?

  1. On/off Chatbot: This feature still shows “Failed to update room”. Ive attached screenshot with today date/time.

  2. Eta on turning off ChatBOX and/or ChatBOT?

  3. Chatbot Training: Although it shows the file is uploaded, the chatbot doesn’t seem to have any training. Including “What is the name of your business?”. How do i get it to work?


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I also get the same error message: failed to update room