Templates are repeating content

Templates and rooms duplicate content and do not adapt when you change them. Is anyone struggling with this?

When you edit content, it does not save or update at all.

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Hi @nbwbsr, Are you having trouble editing templates or room?

Whenever I create a room based on a template, when I change the copy and text, it never saves. It is just showing the templates. Sometimes it will duplicate the content.

Also, I would like to refer your team to another company. What is the best email to introduce your sales team to a new company that is interested in using your services? @shubham

Hey Team - Any insights? Thank you.

I sent an email to support email as well with a screen recording.

@nbwbsr got the video, we are investigating the issue will update here ASAP.

Thank you so much. Any idea on a timeline? We had to pause sending out sales deck for a number of days due to this. It’s hurting our business and prospects a bit. @shubham

@nbwbsr Apologies for this, it will be fixed by end of day.

Thank you so much Shubham.

Also, what is the best way to refer HeyBase? I have a business interested in signing up but did not see prices available.

@nbwbsr You are welcome, can you connect us over email? my email is srajelli@heybase.io

Thank you. Please let me know once the issue I am having is fixed. We can’t send out anything until it is fixed. @shubham

Hi @nbwbsr,

Thank you for your patience. The issue has been resolved :white_check_mark:.Our service was under a sudden usage spike, which caused the data saving failure and subsequent problems. Everything is now fixed and ready to go.

Thanks! :handshake:

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 3.15.00 AM