Will Heybase help me in this Use Case?

I have a Set of Customers who I want to Pitch.- Cold Emails but with more personalization.
When I update a certain row in a excel sheet can those used by integrator like zapier etc to churn text via openAI and send that variables to heybase and it creates a room personalised for that customer and I can later after creation use it back in an email tool to mail them with the room details in mail content and then see if customer can start sales interaction on heybase room?
Even if all this can be simplified by heybase itself or minimise few steps then even better.

Hi @MichealWess, Welcome to Heybase :tada:

We have very restrictive rate limits right now on APIs which are not suitable for cold outreach. We are working on a feature to make cold outreach easy with Heybase so the use case mentioned by you would be working then. You can follow the discussion here